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Friday, January 24, 2014

[socialmedia] Klout #article

Looks like it's blogger day for me today. Here comes one more article scheduled 2-3 weeks ago.

It's going to be one more experiment with article format. Let's split it to theoretic part and practical howto. 

Clout may refer to political or social power. In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence the behavior of people according to Wikipedia.

Klout is one of online services that implements measurement for this value. Klout measures influence of itself Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Foursquare and several more.

For example on twitter I've got:
  • 800+ Retweets
  • 3K+ Mentions
it gives me ~37% of my score of 78 of 100.

Score is weightened. I guess it's kind of weighted average but not sure, can dig deeper is anybody interested in. It means that not every follower or mention weights the same, more score of  twitter account that interacts with You more influence, more Klout. Also types of actions are weighted but let's review it on example of Empire Avenue next time.

It's much more trivial here.

1. Register first with social networks open authentication

2. Connect Your Networks

 3. Give +Ks to people
You recieve 5,10,20 and maybe more +Ks every day and can't award it to people in topics You consider they are influenced in. My main topics are Game Development, Science and Technology, Books, Games and Music. You can add topics You guess person is influenced in for 5 +Ks or let others do it for You. Also You can manage Your topics.

[UPDATED] Just forgotten about Klout Experts. You can ask question to influential people, get answers like this and then endorse them if consider good :)

Engage people to give You +Ks by being kind and active, ask politely, share, invent something ;)

Looks like that's all about the tool (service). There are lots of tectonics how to boost Your influence on every network. I'll describe several tips and tricks in articles on each one. The next article after Empire Avenue is about Facebook and it's media technologys.

The real influence is art or magic or even something else that depends on You or Your brands personality.

More articles for Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book are here.and here Applied Social Magic #tag

Hope You like my explanation, see You, have a nice weekend :)

+ Do anybody have ideas about publishing/publisher(s), thanks in advance?

++ Could anybody suggest good book on #socialmedia? Shame on me I haven't read any yet %)


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