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Saturday, January 4, 2014

PC Gaming #1

First of all Happy New Year my friends :)

I've realized that I have no time and chance to play much and write articles weekly or even one in several weeks. I've decided to restart numeration and invite gamers to write guest posts. Anybody?

Last Year was to few of games played to make yearly chart. Games in reviews and previous charts can be found here tagged/labeled #PC.

Hope to have enough PC game reviews by the end of the year and maybe some console playing/reviewing started as mobile game topics appeared last year.

Let's clean up with game reviews in queue and mark up closest plans:

1. I've played for a while Far Cry 3 that bought on steam with discount, was impressed with intro on engine, visuals level and bored with harvesting mission, uninstalled %)

2. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 campaign is finally finished , visuals are depressing after Far Cry and gameplay is rich a lot of new for me. It was so long ago so I guess no need for details, If anybody interested just ask and I'll write more about it. Hard rock style clip after titles is just great idea and nice funny implemented.

3. Witcher 2 extended edition was waiting for his turn for a half a Year or even more. I was surprised with intro CG cinematic and much more I was surprised with the fact that the game of 3rd person RPG fantasy genre that I'm not a fan at all kept me playing for 3 hours with a story. I've realized that first person fighting like this can make one dizzy so let it be 3rd person view.

And now the time for plans. I plan to play more Witcher 2 and then

4. Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 campaigns are both completed and had a lot of to write about and it's going to be a separate article. Spoiler It's the first part of CoD that looks better then BF for me, thanks to new engine, how do You think?

5. Bioshock Infinite was on Holiday sale on Steam and it's next to play after Witcher.

6. Need for Speed Rivals is next: I play every 3rd game with pursuits and my toplay list is empty once for ages %)

7. What's next to play on PC Watch Dogs, GTA 5 (not yet avail for PC), Prototype 2, please suggest good games, looks like I missing something :)

See You, work less, play more, have an amazing Year ahead of You :)


  1. Super Saturday Time, Have a Great One!

    1. Thanks Bob, nice to meet You again, Happy New Year and amazing weekend :)

  2. DOTA 2 is the best MOBA game out there.

    1. Thanks and I afraid of games like this, WoW and EVE Online were skipped because they eat time. How many time needed for DOTA to taste it?

  3. nice game and thanks for sharing