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Friday, January 31, 2014

e+Games Game Top Week 141

This week we had a lot of work on other projects and it was not too much users activity, so 9 games instead of 10, please help us, submit flash and Unity games, suggest games to review in comments ;)

Good #runaway game, no double jump ability surprises, sounds and title are not too original, shake effect is good, in browser in 1280x1024 resolution is not too fast, will do as for #html5 #game :P And it's #mobile #BTW ;)

8. AppleShooter
AppleShooterchildren funny toy, which gladly play 10.0 / 10

7. CrossFire M4 Shooting
CrossFire M4 Shooting -  9.0 / 10

6. Venusian Vengeance Episode 1
Venusian Vengeance Episode 1 - Looks like I've already seen this game or game from this series but can't find it %) Let's find it out, let it be the #game for weekend #1 8.0 / 10

5. Agency Escape
Agency Escape - I haven't seen escape from the room games for ages, funny setting ;) #gamedev 8.0 / 10

4. Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas
Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas - Once again Angry Birds from the different point of view :) #physics #puzzle 8.0 / 10

3. ElectroAppliances
ElectroAppliances - It's always fun for me to #play engineering #puzzle :) #game for weekend #2 9.0 / 10

2. Zombinsanity
Zombinsanity - Very high level of production in this platform #shooter and zombies for sure :) #action #game 10.0 / 10

[html5] Aquatic #game #review

Always great to meet a new #gameplay. It's not actually new, it's matching #gameplay variation and it completely redesigned for touch screen that's really good :) Addicting as hell, hardly made myself stop at 4K+ points, You know, don't even try it :P

Happy Friday my friends, work less, play more :) #games
PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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