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Naughty Who @ indiedb

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Windows Phone, XBOX, iOS, Android, OUYA] Square Off #game #review

Today in focus is Square Off . It's my first #game review with OUYA version :)

First of all I like loaded trip-hop sound track, then oldschool graphics stylization in intro and best of all that there is a version for my Windows Phone :) Free version has permanent banner and completely playable besides this limitation.

In game music is still great, active and not too electronic. Controls are similar to Halo: Spartan Assault (next in review queue), now too easy to jump in for #PC #gamer and looks like the only solution for the #shooter on smartphone and natural for #console #gamers.

Cartoon graphics, perspective and depth for 2D view enhancement and proper #hardcore rush gameplay makes really good game. I've played several levels and going to play more and maybe buy the full version too. And just forgotten a bit too cute but still great designed characters and aliens for sure :P

Available on Xbox 360, iOS, Android and OUYA, 9/10 Recommended.

Have an amazing day, see You, work less, play more (c) ;)