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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Windows Phone, Android, iOS, !FB] Fruit Ninja #game #review

Fruit Ninja – I (Arthur) played it once more. Avail and tested on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, tested and  not avail for now on Facebook in browser and not tested on Amazon Kindle and Kinnect version on XBOX 360, so not tagged. 

The last time I played Fruit Ninja was almost a year ago and not much has changed since then, in fact, I think it’s way too monotonous and becomes boring quite soon. It simply was in the right place at the right time and “came to light”.

The game has three modes: classic, arcade, zen.

In the classic mode there’s not much fruit and there are flying bombs. If you slash one of them, the level ends and those bombs are slightly annoying. You also cannot miss any fruit and after three falls the game is over – but that’s bearable. Fruit aren’t really that random and after 10-15 you can subconsciously guess what fruit will come out next. There are also super-rare fruit, which provide you with a lot of money.

There aren’t many combos too. I managed to do some if there were more than 4 fruit at a time, moreover only if they were in a row and close to each other. Now that’s kind of depressing.

There’s no special secrets when it comes to fruit cutting, as the approach is the same as the one in my game – replacement with the cut model. Each fruit can be cut only once, however it would be great if there was an opportunity to do that once more.
What I really like about this game, is when a pomegranate flies out and you need to cut it as many times you can. It’s cool: all actions are in slow motion + specific sound + you want to zap it as much as possible, all in all – that was well done.

In the arcade mode you have one minute for slicing as many fruit as possible and if you hit the bomb 10 will be subtracted from the general amount of fruit. Besides, unlike the classic mode, I mentioned 3 kinds of bananas, which give:
  1. A lot of fruit appear from sides.
  1. Slow motion.
  1. Point doubling.
I can’t say that there’s no variety, but it would be great if there were more features, which would appear with time – the standard scheme.
Zen mode is when all you need to do is slice as many fruit you can without paying any attention to the bombs. I played in it with a group mate during classes and all this mode is about is hysterically following the fruit on the screen with your finger without missing any of them – that’s quite all) cool, it builds arm muscles.
There’s also a store in the game – you can buy there real toys with real money.

You can change the look of the blade for free.

What’s most important – you can buy: a three time bomb protection, a three time strawberry appearance, which gives 5 points instead of one like other fruit, and peach, which gives you a time bonus (+ 5 seconds) after being cut.
A couple of other small details I noticed:
  1. Sometimes the bomb physically interacts with some fruit and bounce off after touching them.
  2. It’s sad that in case of an abrupt movement the slicing of the fruit doesn’t always work.
  3. Unlike IPod, in the Android version there’s no multiplayer. I played in the train once: the screen splits in two and the point is to strike more fruit on your half.
+ And I (7a) don’t care, the game is perfect – 10/10 :) 

++ Forgotten about Achievements, can be found here and Premium Elements: You can purchase Stars for the real money and use them to get perks.

[UPDATED] Premium Elements
Starfuit is used as money in the game. You can use them for buying things from Gutsu’s Cart, which allows simplifying the game, getting more points as well as additional blades and backgrounds, which is more esthetic than functional and doesn’t actually affect the game. By the way, some backgrounds can be unblocked only for real money.

As for the things, that are supposed to make the game easier (bomb protection, strawberry and peach), they can be bought in the amount of 3, 6 and 9 for the bombs and 3, 5, 10 for the strawberry and peach. Of course, they run out during the game quite fast and you need to go to the store again.

The element in the store are available and don’t need to be unblocked with real money first. They can be bought with the starfruit you’ve earned. The game process is built in such way, that after 2-3 or, on rare occasions, you can afford a purchase after one game. For those, who don’t want to waste time earning game money, there is a possibility to turn real money into stairfruit. The cheapest pack costs $0.99 and the most expensive - $24.99 (kind of too much  ). A dollar will be enough to buy the most expensive element in the store for three times (900 stairfruit) and if you play good, you can earn enough points for the 4 time too.

If earning stairfruit on your own, one game brought me about 20-60, therefore for buying the cheapest element in the store (300 stairfruit) you’ll need approximately 3-5 games. Sometimes I managed to slice a bonus rare fruit, which gives you 350 ninja dollars at once.
Stairfruit depend from the amount of the sliced fruit during the game, moreover, depending from the game mode you can get a ninja dollar for a different amount of the sliced fruit.
The stairfruit: fruit correlation in the classic mode = 1:5
Arcade = 1:10
Zen = 1:5

 Also forgotten about Facebook version and it's closed for now %)

See You, have a nice day, work less, play more (c) ;) 


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