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Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Android] Draw slasher #mobile #game

Tested on Android Sony Xperia Play so tagged #Android. Also avail on Playstation Vita and iOS, no Windows Phone version found %)

Draw slasher – I (Artur) won’t write much about it, as there’s not that many features in the game.
The game isn’t big, but with a high quality: the sound, drawn graphics and minimal, but at the same time cool gameplay. The game has several modes with no difference, to my opinion, and only 3 enemy units. However, despite such poor realization, there are many positive reviews on the game as a some kind of a quality time-killer.

The game is all about lining the pathway of the warrior, meaning – he follows your finger. You can draw any pathway and sometimes you might even think that, following it, he flies up and twists, but actually the can only move in a straight line.

Anyway, seeing a gameplay like that I came up with plenty of ideas, but quite recently found out that all of them were already realized (they made a new PSVita version). To sum up, just watch the video and you’ll get the picture of what I had in mind.

See You soon. Work less, play more! Have an amazing day :)

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