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Monday, August 10, 2015

Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book - Instagram


This article was planned to be about G+ and recently looks like even Google doesn't know what's it about. So I'm delaying G+ article until it comes out and write the article about Instagram that looks like all clear with :)

Instagram was a mystery for me at the beginning. It's looked like other #socialmedia and didn't work like them. It's taken for me a year to get positive balance of followers. Don't hurry to follow all of Your Facebook they won't notice and reciprocate %)

When You get critical mass of followers of 500+ You'll feel the feedback. People are for sure active and fast on Instagram. Forget about links, there is no links there and it's naturally about interaction. You'll get followed on other socialmedia networks and get indexed as far as I noticed :)

Instagram has several slight differences from the other socialmedia and it works:
  1. Images on Instagram are square - it's suitable for vertically held in hands smartphones;
  2. You can post Your images only from mobile not using third party tools and even sign in with mobile; only - it makes the audience mobile only/friendly. You can like/view from desktop browser still;
  3. Instagram uses the set of filters that makes photos look not too ordinary and it works once again;
  4. Images are small 612x612 and You can post/view them even with slow GPRS connection;
  5. Also images are intended to come from Your own shots, You are not able to post other images without third party tools.
It's still evolving like all the Internet does, now there is ads and API access for everybody and it keeps to be minimalistic even more then Twitter and article appears shorter :)

That's all to get tons of users and be sold to FB for $1B+ :)

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The next article is still about G+ I think :)  

Have an amazing day my friends :)


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