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Monday, June 15, 2015

[EAv] Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а 2015-06-15

Thanks for support to our most active friends for more and more activity all over #socialmedia from (е)GETITCOOKED(е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а! This week there are 66 players, You are Amazing :) 

Please consider to buy those kind and active players our top supporters of last twoweeks at Empire Avenue:

Thanks You Rock! :)

Buying as promised will take some time... :)

Have an amazing day, week and Year ahead of You my friends :)

PS. Share please ;)
PPS. [EAv] Empire Avenue Most Active Players List of 2014 ;)   


Also we have one more great news about our primary venture for now Get It Cooked, welcome to jump in. it's free. 

For professional users like chiefs, food related marketing and PR persons and for all kind of foodie enthusiasts  we are glad to inform you that since now it's possible to subscribe for new Membership Plans on our GO PRO page. Our new Early Adopter Membership Plan consists of premium features which are available for only 30$ for the first and 40$ for the second month. Don't lose you chance and check the advantages of Premium Membership for less.

We took care of making process of payment safe, fast and comfortable for you. So now you can pay for your Membership Plan using your Pay Pal account.

What's new in 2.51.4


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