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Friday, June 26, 2015

[#socialmedia] Pinterest #article

I've finally get back to articles on #socialmedia and here comes Pinterest

Looks like timeout I've made with writing articles for my book is finally long enough and #socialmedia scope has significantly evolved.

Pinterest has been copied several times first by Stumbleupon and recently by Google Plus. The grid style is everywhere nowadays :)

Pinterest itself has grown up and went business. Business accounts appeared and Buy button comes out.
Hootsuite launched posting to Pinterest functionality in a week or so after. Now I must admit that I haven't tried/tested properly those new arrivals.

So here comes newer type of article. Let's talk about basics and longer term thoughts. To the newer topics mentioned above I'll be back ASAP :)

Pinterest is for eyecandy, it's for structured visual data and it's addicting as sh*t. Looks like that's was all at the beginning, less was only on Twitter I guess :)

Sou You can make boards, pin (post), re-pin (re-post/re-blog) and like naturally. So actually it's multi-blogging platform and the first as for me. Pinterest supports only Facebook and Twitter sharing. Sure You can follow people and You'll realize pretty fast that the boards not people are for following, You hardly can find a person with all the similar interests but You have one or several interests shared with lots of different people.

Like the other socialmedia Pinterest allows to pin (publish post) from url, pin button on page or with browser plugin button or directly upload images.

The only thing to add is communities: the board (blog) that run by lots of contributors. Also there is private data and it's named secret here.

Fresh neat UX design, strong tech and tasty aesthetics made rocket launch and then one of the most popular socialmedia resources for now.

After that they came in with pro features, stats and monetization. My friend +Michael Q Todd who is always several steps ahead on the edge of the web tech says that's now in addition to beauty and simplicity Pinterest extremely effective :)

See You soon, Happy Friday :)


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The next article is still about G+ and Instagram goes after it.


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