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Friday, March 2, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 45

Flash game top 10 of the week #45 at e+Games

10. Park Me I like the car's handling, but this game require some skills. 8/10
Park Me

9. Mercenary Wars Well made shooting game with detailed characters. I like that overall look. 9/10
Mercenary Wars

8. Let It Glow 2 This engineering game is very fun to play and the music is also very nice. 10/10
Let It Glow 2

7. Trigger Happy You know the time when you're bored and want to shoot something? Well I got the game just for that moment :) 9/10
Trigger Happy

6. ATP Tennis Cute girls + Tennis = Fun :D 8/10
ATP Tennis

5. Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing Hot rods and rock'n'roll... I love this combination! 9.5/10
Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing

4. Crumpled Very interesting and hard in some levels gameplay. I like the characters moves. 10/10

3. Shadowess At first you might think this is very simple and boring game, but that's not true. Try it! 10/10

2. Sports Heads Football Championship I'm not a football fan at all, but I've stuck on this game and played it through whole week %) Though it might be a bit hard when you play it for the first time. 10/10
Sports Heads Football Championship

1. Killbot! It was really simple to choose this week's Top 10 winner: Killbot! Because it's simply a great game! Cool drawn, nice music and gameplay with funny story. 10/10

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