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Friday, March 23, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 48

Flash game top 10 of the week #48 at e+Games

10. Evil Asteroids 2 I'd call it "Troll asteroids" :) These meme faces are nice :D 8/10
Evil Asteroids 2

9. Temple of the Spear Another very nice game with green old-school look this week. 10/10
Temple of the Spear

8. selFish The music reminds me the Machinarium somehow. Quite fun to play and eat those fishes :) 9/10

7. Bristlies I like the overall look and combinations of puzzles. Good game to unbend. 10/10

6. Konki Chuck Well this little guy sure like to be launched and fly for a long distances :D Don't forget about additional vehicles. 10/10
Konki Chuck

5. Wacky Wings Get ready for whacky races! Good realization of an old cartoon. Really fun to play. 9/10
Wacky Wings

4. Lava Climber It's nice to play another good old-look platformer. Last week it was Maxx The Robot, this week it's Lava Climber. 10/10
Lava Climber

3. Neon Race 2 I really like the 1st part of this game and was really happy to find out that there's the 2nd part of it released. The only thing is that the 2nd part is easier, at least to me... 10/10
Neon Race 2

2. Heavy Pawnage Read the name, it's what it is :) Fun gameplay, story and robot's reactions :) 10/10
Heavy Pawnage

1. Wooden Rolls Interesting how this puzzling-mechanics game got so popular this week. And everybody's like "they see me rollin'... they hatin'..." XD 10/10
Wooden Rolls

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