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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 49

Flash game top 10 of the week #49 at e+Games

10. Goo's Revenge I don't know are those H1N1, but we need to clean this mess :) Stay healthy :) 8/10
Goo's Revenge

9. Cyclop Physics It's a good game for kids I guess. Everything in it smiling with a silly faces so I guess it is :) 8/10
Cyclop Physics

8. Ninja Popcorn So ninjas like popcorn too, huh? Well this unveils how microwaves work :) 9/10
Ninja Popcorn

7. Twin Cat Warriors Everybody love cats. And what can be better than a cat? Two cats of course :) So here you go - two cats on a quest :) 8/10
Twin Cat Warriors

6. High Speed Takedown Nice game where you can drive a police car, shoot and blast other cars to bring justice on the road :) I just wish there were more upgrade options. 8/10
High Speed Takedown

5. Zombowling And now you think "Wait, I've already played Zombowling on ePlusgames". And you're wrong. That's a completely different game, more like Zombocannonfiring :) Try it, it's a nice time-waster. And who cares what you think anyway ;) 10/10

4. Coloropus Nice and calming game about octopuses feelings. There's no time to explain, go and play it :) 9/10

3. Harry Quantum 2 Another good sequel on the 3rd place this week. Interesting detective quest. 9/10
Harry Quantum 2

2. ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2 This might be a simple puzzle game, but it's smart, fun to play and damn well drawn. So it's a good game to me at least :) 9.5/10
ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2

1. znRevolutions Sometimes to make a Top 10 game you just need to create something new. This one is a good example how the small experiment ends up being a beautiful and quite unusual game. 10/10

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