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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 70

Flash game top 10 of the week #70 at e+Games

10. The Last Stand Union City Maybe this game is imperfect in some things, but it surely has a big potential. 10/10
The Last Stand Union City

9. Kulkis: Hard Edition This week's Top is full of 8-bit old-school games, so brace yourself :) And Kulkis is a truly hardcore one. 9/10
Kulkis: Hard Edition

8. Swap It Et Interesting fusion of the jigsaw and gear-puzzle games. 10/10
Swap It Et

7. Quietus Yet another 8-bit gloomy platformer, very moody and dark :) 10/10

6. Hollow You don't like Quietus? Then try Hollow! It's even more gloomy-moody-dark game :D 9.5/10

5. Notebook Trial Very well drawn bike-riding game. And you can choose from 3 bikes! 10/10
Notebook Trial

4. Nelly Nice atmospheric game. Music makes the mood just as needed. 10/10

3. Out of wind Very bright and relaxing puzzle gears game! Love it! 10/10
Out of wind

2. Cubefield This game might has primitive 3D graphics and only thing you need to do is to fly and avoid cubes, but it's extremely addictive! Try it! 10/10

1. Give Up Robot 2 Call me an 8-bit addict, but I just love this game! It's pure old-school awesomeness :) And music rocks! :D 10/10
Give Up Robot 2

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