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Friday, September 28, 2012

Game Top Week 73

Game top 10 of the week #73 at e+Games

Today we've lost "flash" world in our title because of two Android games and one Facebook social game on top. Please suggest Your, Your friends or Your favorite Android, iOS, Steam, Social, PC, HTML5, Win Mobile, Console, Java, RIM,  Browser, MMO and whatever - we will try to find the way to play, review and maybe place on top ;) Thanks in advance have an amazing weekend!

10. Scribbland Interesting and innovative idea of using only one button to jump and move :) 9/10

9. 3D Monster Truck Tower So in this post-apocalyptic world all you have to do is to climb those towers in monster-trucks :) 9/10
3D Monster Truck Tower

8. Drift Runners 3D Cool 3D drifting game with lots of tweaks and fun gameplay. 10/10
Drift Runners 3D

7. cubilus puzzle Interesting and entertaining cube puzzle. Some of the levels are really a brain-breakers. 9/10
cubilus puzzle

6. Purple Planet Colourful and pretty drawn point and click adventure. And the music is very nice. 10/10
Purple Planet

5. Madpet Massacre Very fun shooter. I'd call it "The Bacon Revenge!!!" :D 10/10
Madpet Massacre

4. Word Thief Interesting app-game. Basically it's a classic Word Thief game but here you can play online with your friends which is very cool. Obviously :) 10/10
Word Thief

3. Ballad Blades This epic one is an old-school strategy game made especially for Android platform. 10/10
Ballad Blades

2. Twelve O I really like this puzzle game despite some really difficult levels. It's addicting and entertaining. But I prefer another soundtrack for it: The Real Tuesday Weld - "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" :D 10/10
Twelve O

1. Infectonator 2 When I first tried this game I thought "damn! why nobody made a game like this before". I mean we always play against zombies. And here you need to infect other people :D That's really something new :) 10/10
Infectonator 2

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