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Friday, September 21, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 72

Flash game top 10 of the week #72 at e+Games

10. Monster Must Die Bright and funny puzzle-physics game with cute shape-shifting silly monsters :) 10/10
Monster Must Die

9. Run 2 Live - Great Escape Cool running game with funny music :) And those face changes are hilarious :D 9/10
Run 2 Live - Great Escape

8. Release the Mooks 2 In this game you have to stabilize fuzzy monsters so everybody would be happy ^_^ 10/10
Release the Mooks 2

7. Angel of the Battlefield 2 So you need to save this poor blue rabbit that gets in trouble all the time... :) 9.5/10
Angel of the Battlefield 2

6. Psyline Interesting experimental game. It's exciting to try something new these days. 10/10

5. Farm Fortress There's one hell of a badass farm business... Defend your own soil and stuff, you know. 10/10
Farm Fortress

4. The Suspense II Very interesting time changing game. Really addicting, couldn't stop 'till got to the very end! 10/10
The Suspense II

3. Escape from the Very Bad Planet Really well made pixel-style game. I like this glowing and stuff. Cool! 10/10
Escape from the Very Bad Planet

2. SuperHero in 60 seconds Quite an encouraging game it appears :) Because if you pass this series of blitz puzzles - you are hero! :) 10/10
SuperHero in 60 seconds

1. Blackwood Prologue Usually games like this are full of clich├ęs... Well, I won't lie to you, this one is not an exception. But it's made out very well. All this colours, nicely drawn textures and sites. Amusing music. So in conclusion it's worth playing and surely worth the 1st place in this week's Top 10. 10/10
Blackwood Prologue