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Friday, February 22, 2013

Game Top Week 93

Game top 10 of the week #93 at e+Games 

Don't forget to suggest Your favorite games for top 100 of the week #100 here in comments ;)

10. Nimball: Rewind Fun action puzzle game with cool time-rewinding feature. 9/10
Nimball: Rewind

9. Kolorz Another relaxing maze game. I like its calming style. 9/10

8. Chaos Invaders An inventive and chaotic remake of Space Invaders accompanied with dynamic soundtrack. 9/10
Chaos Invaders

7. Envipulation Fun and a bit different puzzle platformer. But what kind of name is that? :) 9/10

6. Dream Woods This is an outstanding match-3 game! Although it's kinda girly, but really well made. Actually I don't remember matching games with stories :) 10/10
Dream Woods

5. Zombies 4 Hire: Supermarket Bowl Very well made 3D bowling time-waster. 10/10
Zombies 4 Hire: Supermarket Bowl

4. Color Tanks Prepare for cute and little but very pompous hustle :) 9.5/10
Color Tanks

3. Bustabrain I just love these mini-puzzles games like NerveJangla. They're so relaxing :) 10/10

2. No Ammunition One of the really cool examples of retro-style space vertical scroll shooters. And the music is simply awesome. 10/10
No Ammunition

1. Aurora Yes, this game is old. And all this time I was completely sure that we have it, but I was wrong :( So consider this as a good opportunity to enjoy the real masterpiece from Mateusz Skutnik once again :) 10/10

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  1. Hey guys, suggest Your games for 100th top 100 or don't tell then that we don't count player's opinion ;) #games #gaming #gamedev