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Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Top Week 90

Game top 10 of the week #90 at e+Games

Before we proceed to this week's Top 10 there's one thing... We want the 100th Top 10 at e+Games to be special. It will be the Top of the Tops. So, allow me to invite you to suggest your favourite games in the comments. I meant not your regular favourite games :) but the one's you really love and enjoy =)

10. Zipzip: Secret Dimension Very simple in terms of graphics but very fun and philosophic puzzle adventure. 8/10
Zipzip: Secret Dimension

9. Alien Investigation Interesting detective-quest. But I wish graphics and characters were better. Like the one's in the menu for example. 8/10
Alien Investigation

8. Night This is more like a sketch than a complete game, but the idea is quite original. 8/10

7. Central Alien Agency I like the style of this shooter. Very well drawn. 9/10
Central Alien Agency

6. Super Rozek Well made runner, quite difficult from the start. But once you get used to it - that's when the fun begins :) 9/10
Super Rozek

5. Monstre 2 Some kind of a demolition Ricochet reincarnation :) Addicting... :) 10/10
Monstre 2

4. Random Heroes Very nice platformer. Really well made, but too easy, if you ask me. Or maybe that's because I saved the money for the best gun from the start. And after getting it I simply ran through levels and bosses. 10/10
Random Heroes

3. Beneath Cool retro quest where you need to determine the saboteur. Level is changing each time, so does the saboteur. Music and "voices" deserve a separate words of appreciation. 9.5/10

2. Ball Separation This game reminds me the good old puzzle toys somehow. Really fun and addicting. 10/10
Ball Separation

1. Fat The design here is simple but in the same time is brilliant. Simply awesome. 10/10


  1. Are most of these games made in Java or Flash? Which standard is the more popular for games nowadays?

  2. All of these games are Flash, no Java at all. There are several Unity3D on our portal that are recently popular. The most popular for now are natural mobile iOS/Android, social for Facebook (Flash too) and HTML5+JavaScript, we make reviews but no uploads on our portal yet.