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Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Top Week 90

Game top 10 of the week #90 at e+Games

Before we proceed to this week's Top 10 there's one thing... We want the 100th Top 10 at e+Games to be special. It will be the Top of the Tops. So, allow me to invite you to suggest your favourite games in the comments. I meant not your regular favourite games :) but the one's you really love and enjoy =)

10. Zipzip: Secret Dimension Very simple in terms of graphics but very fun and philosophic puzzle adventure. 8/10
Zipzip: Secret Dimension

9. Alien Investigation Interesting detective-quest. But I wish graphics and characters were better. Like the one's in the menu for example. 8/10
Alien Investigation

8. Night This is more like a sketch than a complete game, but the idea is quite original. 8/10

7. Central Alien Agency I like the style of this shooter. Very well drawn. 9/10
Central Alien Agency

6. Super Rozek Well made runner, quite difficult from the start. But once you get used to it - that's when the fun begins :) 9/10
Super Rozek

5. Monstre 2 Some kind of a demolition Ricochet reincarnation :) Addicting... :) 10/10
Monstre 2

4. Random Heroes Very nice platformer. Really well made, but too easy, if you ask me. Or maybe that's because I saved the money for the best gun from the start. And after getting it I simply ran through levels and bosses. 10/10
Random Heroes

3. Beneath Cool retro quest where you need to determine the saboteur. Level is changing each time, so does the saboteur. Music and "voices" deserve a separate words of appreciation. 9.5/10

2. Ball Separation This game reminds me the good old puzzle toys somehow. Really fun and addicting. 10/10
Ball Separation

1. Fat The design here is simple but in the same time is brilliant. Simply awesome. 10/10