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Friday, April 5, 2013

Game Top Week 98.5

Game top 10 of the week #98.5 at e+Games 

Don't forget to suggest Your favorite games for top 100 of the week #100 here in comments ;)

10. Penguins Counter Attack Nice continuation of the Penguins attack launching game. All new maps. 9/10
Penguins Counter Attack

9. HeadSpin Space Race Even this game has a countdown, it's kinda calming. Cool old comics style :) 9/10
HeadSpin Space Race

8. Retro Rally –°osily looking 3D racing game with small cute cars and mouse control :) It's pity that only 2 levels available. 9/10
Retro Rally

7. Gangster vs Zombies II This game reminds me "Anyway Fish". But here you can do (and shoot) more stuff :) And dude that supplies you with guns and things is hilarious :D 9/10
Gangster vs Zombies II

6. Falling Bridge Usually riding games like this, bore you quite fast. But in this particular one you not just ride but also runaway which is certainly adds more fun :) 10/10
Falling Bridge

5. Nocran Space Very well made side-scrolling space ship shooter with spectacular explosions and details. 10/10
Nocran Space

4. Pulls Track HD This well known game has finally gotten to app-stores. So be sure to check it out! 10/10
Pulls Track HD

3. Being One All 5 episodes of this creepy and really scary (in some places:) game are finally gathered at e+Games. Check all 5 quests here: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5. 9/10
Being One

2. Clockwords: Prelude That awesome drawn look is what grabbed me in this two games. It's really nice. The only flaw that I've discovered is it doesn't save your progress on exit. But the 2nd part is all perfect :) 10/10
Clockwords: Prelude

1. The Tribez HD - So, frankly said I'm not really into farm/sim city games, that stuff is just ain't for me... But this game caught my attention. Though I still prefer it to be like UbiSoft "From Dust", that would be cool :D 10/10
The Tribez HD

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