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Friday, April 12, 2013

Game Top Week 99

Game top 10 of the week #99 at e+Games 

Don't forget to suggest Your favorite games for top 100 of the week #100 here in comments ;)

10. Ninjufo I like the style of this 8bit platformer. But the sounds are way too creepy and start to be annoying very quickly :) It's good that you can turn them off :) 8/10

9. I Can Fly This launcher is kinda silly-looking, but well made and drawn :) 9/10
I Can Fly

8. The Elevator The game is fun and really addicting, but the lift breaks could be stiffer or there could be some upgrade options for it :) 9/10
The Elevator

7. Tank Storm Second part of the top-view war series. The graphics are quite old if you ask me :) But lots of stuff to do and destroy on the maps :) 9/10
Tank Storm

6. Chup Awesome old-school mix between retro platforming action and golf. I like the music especially :) 9/10

5. pixelBOMB Developers of this game are sure knew what they were creating :) Because this game grabs you really hard. It's dumb-simple and ridiculously addictive *_* Each time you done with one level you think "OK, one more and that's it" and you can't stop until you finish the game :D 9/10

4. Timebot Fun time-travelling action puzzle game. I spent more time "playing" on door buttons, they make cool sounds =) 9/10

3. Go Kart 3D That's how flash 3D racing games should look like! :) 10/10
Go Kart 3D

2. Billit Fun, simple, beautiful, relaxing and very addictive puzzle action game. No nerve-racking :) 10/10

1. The Scene of the Crime Awesome noir-styled point and click detective game from Mateusz Skutnik. If you like it, check another part: "Golden Doll". More of this are still to come next week. 10/10
The Scene of the Crime

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