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Friday, February 28, 2014

[Windows Phone] Asphalt 7 Heat #mobile #game #review

Asphalt 7 Heat -  I've ascendantly stumbled into the 8th chapter Asphalt 8: Airborne in the list of the best apps of the year by Nokia and it appered that it can't run on my Nokia Lumia 720, 820 or higher with  1GB or more memory needed :)
It says that there is not enough place on internal flash drive, so I've tried to clean up/install several times befor e googled and got to know %)

Anyway I've tried Asphalt 7 Heat and it's good. It looks like Need for Speed 3-5-7 years ago and goes much further with modern gameplay features. The demo/free version is small, so I had to purchase full version pretty fast and it's cheap about $1 or 2.

New for me were control schemes, there are 4 of them there from easiest with no buttons to rather complicated. On the easiest there is no way to pass drift challenges because it's no control button at all or I didn't find it :P

Also surprising that there are a lot of race/mission types, locations and even lottery in-game.I'm not a big fan of racing and got bored in two days but I guess for racing games audience it's much more challenges in championship and multiplayer.

Good game and good evolution/development of games for #mobile 8/10

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