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Friday, February 7, 2014

e+Games Game Top Week 142

This week a lot of nice #games! There are 12 #games instead of regular 10 and last week's 9. Thanks for making, submitting and uploading #games, thanks for playing and leaving feedback too :)

12. 3D Space Racer
3D Space Racer -  10.0 / 10

11. Ex-Sniper
Ex-Sniper - Video gameplay http://mostfunnyonlinegames.com/videos-gameplay/play-ex-sniper-small-video-gameplay 10.0 / 10

10. Peppy’s pet  caring lemur
Peppy’s pet caring lemurcute and fun toy 10.0 / 10

9. Venusian Vengeance Episode 2
Venusian Vengeance Episode 2 - Stylish #retro #game :) He-he, it was second episode for the lost game %) and again game for weekend #1 9.0 / 10

8. Glimpse
Glimpse - Alone in the dark, I feel lost with this #game and it's challenging :) #skill 10.0 / 10

7. Monkey GO Happy Mayhem
Monkey GO Happy Mayhem - Those chars rock :) #puzzle #game for weekend #2 8.0 / 10

6. Infectonator : Hot Chase
Infectonator : Hot Chase - Legendary #game is back, completely unexpected and just great transformation of chain reaction game into runner, must be great on mobile :) 10.0 / 10

5. Turtles Battles
Turtles Battles - I used to play a #game like this on old old PC, nice one BTW :) 8.0 / 10

4. Ironcalypse
Ironcalypse - I like those runaway #skill #games very mush, funny character and nice overall #cartoon #robot #techy style :) 10.0 / 10

3. Zombinsanity
Zombinsanity - Very high level of production in this platform #shooter and zombies for sure :) #action #game 10.0 / 10

Zombies TD - Tower defense #gameplay for me is always isometric or top view, here it's a side scroll and it's unexpectedly nice.
Well done, fresh, strong illustration style and characters design, a bit annoying and still great music and zombies for sure :) #html5 #mobile #shooter #gameHappy Friday my friends, work less, play more :) #games - no rating and comments for #mobile #games on m.eplusgames.net so no rating ;)

Nice to meet another proper implementation of classic #gameplay for touch.
Today is a classic casual customer service #game. Speedy and addicting, hardly made myself to stop. Doesn't work in Firefox and works pretty nice in Chrome on desktop and in IE on my Nokia Lumia :) #html5 #mobile #game

Happy Friday my friends, work less, play more :) #games

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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