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Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 54

Flash game top 10 of the week #54 at e+Games

10. Pods Extreme Polished and accurate avoiding game. It seems that even UFOs having some traffic problems :) 9/10
Pods Extreme

9. Chalkboard Surfer And another avoiding time-waster. The music is really nice. Even now, when I'm writing this I'm listening to it. 8/10
Chalkboard Surfer

8. Parking Hooligan This is not your average parking game, this is "destroy them all" parking game :) 10/10
Parking Hooligan

7. Birdys Rainy Day Skipathon The farther you go the harder it gets. Nice and addicting game, but some levels were a bit hard to me. Or I wasn't paying enough attention :) 9/10
Birdys Rainy Day Skipathon

6. Monsters TD Well drawn tower defence game. I like the detail of those "defence machinery". 10/10
Monsters TD

5. Battle Panic Lots of stuff is going on here. You need to build, defend and conquer. The enemy won't wait. 9/10
Battle Panic

4. Pirateers! Yarrrr! Prepare the cannons! Catch the wind and you ready to go and show those pirates who's the real king of the waves! 10/10

3. One Step Back This game reminds me the Time Fcuk somehow. But the look and gameplay are different. 10/10
One Step Back

2. A House in California I like the calmness of this game. It has some magic. The transitions of the light and darkness are very nice despite the 8bit look. 10/10
A House in California

1. I saw her standing there This game looks very simple, in fact it is. But the story is so fun, romantic and a bit unusual in the same time. I told you that zombies have feelings too and now you have the proof :) 10/10
I saw her standing there

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