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Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 56

Flash game top 10 of the week #56 at e+Games

10. Rise of the Marshals Cool and serious story. This one reminds me "Contra: The Hardcorps" on SEGA. 9/10
Rise of the Marshals

9. Ninja Rinseout Cool rainy atmosphere and ninja-stealth look. 9/10
Ninja Rinseout

8. Coast Runners I haven't been playing boat races for quite a while. Nice boat tuning by the way. 9/10
Coast Runners

7. Contrast Cannon At first it's a bit confusing but gets more an more interesting once you got used to it. 9/10
Contrast Cannon

6. Blockstachio Nice little platformer and it's more than just "move from left to right". 9/10

5. Connect Monsters The game full of colourful monsters :) Good to relax a bit. 9/10
Connect Monsters

4. Gun Express Hot chick on the futuristic armed bike riding the roads and shooting everything. What more to ask? :) 9.5/10
Gun Express

3. Rubble Trouble Tokyo Very fun demolition physics game. I like the characters dialogues. Nitrome at its best :) 10/10
Rubble Trouble Tokyo

2. Mini Metro Racers Everybody loves those tiny cars. The game is really fun and has nice levels. 10/10
Mini Metro Racers

1. BasketBalls Level Pack Well built and improved gameplay and music. I almost missed my lunch because of this damn thing :) 10/10
BasketBalls Level Pack

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