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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 55

Flash game top 10 of the week #55 at e+Games

10. GTO Drift I find this gameplay fresh, because got tired of all these standard racing games. 9/10
GTO Drift

9. Acidrain The story of this game is quite simple. I died like, a lot... :) and finally got back home the ending made me laugh hard :D 9/10

8. Little Bitty Heroes Well they're little indeed. It starts to hurt my eyes when I play this for long. But it's a good game though. 9/10
Little Bitty Heroes

7. Nano Kingdoms Interesting realization of the strategy game. 9/10
Nano Kingdoms

6. Doodle Complete Who said that Tetris cannot be refreshed? 9.5/10
Doodle Complete

5. Story Tales Interesting puzzle game. Really well drawn and nice music. 9/10
Story Tales

4. Mighty Fin Hell knows why you liked this game so much :) Maybe because you like fish, I like it too, I prefer sushi :) Just kidding, really nice one :) 10/10
Mighty Fin

3. Final Ninja Zero Cool action ninja game. Well done and polished. I like that character's can do lot of things. 9/10
Final Ninja Zero

2. OokiCookie Everything is very fun about this game: gameplay, characters, music :) 10/10

1. Swindler Guys from Nitrome are here to impress us one more time with the giddy gameplay :) Like this game very much. 10/10

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