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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 57

Flash game top 10 of the week #57 at e+Games

10. Harvest Ranch Very fun and bright physics game. Easy to play. 9/10
Harvest Ranch

9. Crazy Steam Bros I like the style of this game. The dialogues and old movie look are priceless :) 9/10
Crazy Steam Bros

8. Water Werks Nice physics game, I like the overall look. But the screams when those blobs are falling are so annoying... I guess this was made on purpose, so you you won't miss a single one :) 9/10
Water Werks

7. Oh, My Candy! Yes, lots of physics games this week, but I like this one especially. Mostly because of nice music :) and not to mention it's well drawn. 9/10
Oh, My Candy!

6. Jelly Escape Nice retro-like game. It starts just like you would play Tron or something :) I just wonder what that dude is so celebrating after each level? :) 9/10
Jelly Escape

5. Formula Racer 2012 Cool "fake 3D" racing game. Interesting to play, but it starts to be difficult only on last stages. 10/10
Formula Racer 2012

4. iRemained iDon't care :) nice 3D game with different levels. Design is imperfect, but you stop noticing this after a few minutes. 10/10

3. Double Edged "Another Nitrome game this week?!" you might think. Yep :) believe me I'm doing this not on purpose, really it's just another good game. I don't even look on previous Tops :) It's just happens somehow. Magic... :) 10/10
Double Edged

2. Big-Time Butter Baron Oh I've stuck on this for long... As 7a correctly mentioned: it's hard to imagine someone could make something new to Tetris. Well those guys just did. 10/10
Big-Time Butter Baron

1. Ricochet Kills 3 You know this one. Of course you do... You've played 1st and 2nd parts and now here's the 3rd. Nothing to explain really :) 10/10
Ricochet Kills 3

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