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Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 58

Flash game top 10 of the week #58 at e+Games

10. Parking Zone One more unusual "parking" game, it's a puzzle actually :) 9/10
Parking Zone

9. -Cannon Blaster- You just launch the little guy through lots of cannons to the sun... 0_o He's probably very cold :) 9/10
-Cannon Blaster-

8. American Muscle Car Parking Well made game. Nice gameplay and graphics. 9/10
American Muscle Car Parking

7. Micro Tanks Very ascetic design, but interesting gameplay. Some levels are veeery tricky :) 9/10
Micro Tanks

6. Colors Once you're in it's very hard to deflect from the process. 9/10

5. Flight Of The Hamsters Launch these brave fluffys as far as possible. It makes them very happy and proud :) 9/10
Flight Of The Hamsters

4. Maze 3 I really like the look and design of this avoiding game. Very interesting. 10/10
Maze 3

3. Zen Moth Something new: not a single button in game, not too suitable but interesting and graphics style is great! 10/10
Zen Moth

2. Frontline Defense Special Ops I'm very fastidious about tower-defence games, but this one is really great. Graphics and models movements reminding me some weird mixture of Commandos and Red Alert. Funny :) 10/10
Frontline Defense Special Ops

1. Totem Destroyer 2 This well avowed game earned lots of top points everywhere. Now it got to our Top 10 :) I don't know why it's so popular, because there's lots of similar games around :) 10/10
Totem Destroyer 2

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