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Friday, June 29, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 62

Flash game top 10 of the week #62 at e+Games

10. Jelly Wheels Arcade Interesting idea of the soft tires for the carrying truck :) 10/10
Jelly Wheels Arcade

9. Enigmata: Stellar War Nice space defence game with lots of turrets, upgrades and graphics. 10/10
Enigmata: Stellar War

8. Keeper of the Grove And another defence game but filled with love and rainbows instead of turrets :) Caution: cuteness overload :) 10/10
Keeper of the Grove

7. azew Well the quest for Wi-Fi in the castle is an interesting story, especially if it's a puzzle game :) I think you should just try it and see for yourself :) 9.5/10

6. Mummy Blaster Nice exploding-physics puzzle game. Like that stuff. 9.5/10
Mummy Blaster

5. Cave Chaos Cool "run for your life" game. I'm listening to its menu music right now :) 10/10
Cave Chaos

4. Don't look back Truly hardcore old-school minimalistic game which takes us to the ancient myth about Orpheus and Eurydice. 10/10
Don't look back

3. Steamlands Player Pack This steam-punk game caught me for hours! I just love those details and jokes about the tea :D 9.5/10
Steamlands Player Pack

2. Tiny Dream Atmospheric adventures like this game keeping me moody all the time. It's like something stands behind it. Some other world or a dream... 10/10
Tiny Dream

1. miniPassage Wow, this tiny running platformer caught your attention this week. And with this it earned the first place in the Top 10. Fair enough. 10/10

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