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Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 61

Flash game top 10 of the week #61 at e+Games
I have to say in this Top 10 every game is #1 game. And what's even more exciting is that some other very interesting games like Fat Cat, Epic Coaster and many others haven't gotten to our Top 10, because 10 places are not enough for this week. So be sure to check pages 197, 198 and 199 in our "Latest" section.

10. Bebry City Life Interesting puzzle game with some action which is not very common in puzzle games, if you know what I mean :) 10/10
Bebry City Life

9. Kill Troll Everybody hates trolls... they are literally everywhere in today's life:) Check this addicting puzzle game and kill some trolls! 10/10
Kill Troll

8. Tharsis 3D Nice and polished 3D time-waster. Check out the free-ride mode - nice jumps. 9.5/10
Tharsis 3D

7. Recursion Very well made and entertaining 8bit-look game! All those details... excellent! 10/10

6. Small Worlds And another very nice pixel-art game. I love these textures and colours. 10/10
Small Worlds

5. The Illusionist's Dream Well, the storyline (titles) are a bit too dramatic and contrast to the overall look and gameplay. It's clear that authors wanted to add the philosophic touch to the game. And the music is just perfect, can't stop listen to it. 10/10
The Illusionist's Dream

4. Where is 2010 Yes it's old... As you can tell from the name it's about 2010 New Year. But I just love this style, there's something grungy and mystic about it. 10/10
Where is 2010

3. Ivan vs Mutants : CE In Soviet Russia... well, you got the point :) Don't mess with Ivan if you don't want any trouble :) Nice 3D shooter. 10/10
Ivan vs Mutants : CE

2. Doom Triple Pack As I like to say: if you don't know this game and the next one - you probably very young. And that's good :) You still have chance to touch these legends. The find of this week - Doom. 10/10
Doom Triple Pack

1. Quake Ahhh, it's like meeting the old friend... :) What a nice thing to play a port of the cool old legend. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, behold - its mightiness the Quake! :) 10/10

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