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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 60

Flash game top 10 of the week #60 at e+Games

10. American Tank : Zombie Invasion Tanks vs. zombies - coool :) I just wish the graphics were more polished. 9/10
American Tank : Zombie Invasion

9. Nightmare Runner Good realisation of a good idea and story, if you can use the word "story" in the running games :) 10/10
Nightmare Runner

8. Magic Smash Hammer When somebody makes annoying noise under my windows while I'm chillin' at home - I wish I have a hammer like this unshaven dude :) 9/10
Magic Smash Hammer

7. Boxhead 3: Biever and Baby Nice look with those cardboard-shaped characters and levels. Shotgun rules! 10/10
Boxhead 3: Biever and Baby

6. BamBoom Don't get fooled by the look, it's a really interesting and complicated puzzle. I'm just not sure about the name :) 10/10

5. Tank-Tank I have a very strange feeling of a deja vu about this game... It's a cool time-waster though. 10/10

4. Running Warrior Running is good for health, you know. That's why we have so many running games this week :D Just like this tiny funny platformer. 9/10
Running Warrior

3. Brawler Whirled This week is also full of old armour and axes. And what's cool about this particular game is that you can play with your friends! 10/10
Brawler Whirled

2. Cubed Last week it was "Loved" and now it's "Cubed"... Yep, the flash developers are very creative about the games names all right :D So this one is a very fresh 3D puzzle and it's addicting as hell. Well OK, hell is not very addicting, but you got the point :) 10/10

1. Covert Front I must admit these 4 parts are not for everybody. But those who love quests will play through all 4 parts. I'm sure about that! 10/10
Covert Front

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