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Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 65

Flash game top 10 of the week #65 at e+Games

10. Mine Escape The difference between this game and others like it, is that stones and stuff are falling at you. And upgrades are also a nice feature. 10/10
Mine Escape

9. Reflex Runner OK, this game as addictive as it dumb :) But since the Olympics are on everybody's running :) 10/10
Reflex Runner

8. Town of Fears Nice and moody game with this rainy atmo. Like that stuff :) And interesting story of course. 10/10
Town of Fears

7. Click Jump Funny runaway physics gameplay. Nice and light 5 minute break game. 10/10
Click Jump

6. Strike Force Heroes I like when developers truly like what they creating. This game is a nice example. 10/10
Strike Force Heroes

5. Daymare Kite Another cool "daymare" game from Mateusz Skutnik. I can't describe how I like the games he's creating. He's one of my favourite authors. 10/10
Daymare Kite

4. Glean This one brings digging-mining games to a whole new level. I like the detalization very much. 10/10

3. Eleventh Hour This game reminds me L4D :) But a bit too much talking at the start so be patient :) 10/10
Eleventh Hour

2. Chain Master Everybody love to spin stuff around, we already know it from Wooden Rolls, but here comes the chain into play :) 10/10
Chain Master

1. Droid Land Usually you need to pay for games like this. But this one is free 0_o Very nice art and story! 10/10
Droid Land

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