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Friday, August 31, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 69

Flash game top 10 of the week #69 at e+Games

10. Shadows Of Mummies Classic SEGA-like adventure shooter. Totally worth 10th place :) 9/10
Shadows Of Mummies

9. Bloony Wheel Interesting puzzle game combining simple physics, driving and avoiding. 9/10
Bloony Wheel

8. Lily Fighters Another week and the flying game on the 8th place again :) This time it's tiny plane shooter. 10/10
Lily Fighters

7. UnBlock This one is a serious test for every brain... Just kidding, it's a child's play... For those who has IQ above 150 :D 9/10

6. Oh, My Candy! Players Pack Gourmand hamster strikes again :) No candy will survive. He reminds me one of my friends somehow :) 10/10
Oh, My Candy! Players Pack

5. Mission to Mercury Nice and easy arcanoid-like game. Don't know what it has to Mercury besides the background though :) 10/10
Mission to Mercury

4. Viaduct Designer I like trains and construction stuff. This game combines both. And got a really good overall look. 9.5/10
Viaduct Designer

3. Chase Goose 2 I don't know why, but this game makes me laugh so hard :) I mean come on... Monster chasing a goose... :D The only thing is my fingers got tired really fast :( 10/10
Chase Goose 2

2. Free the prince Entertaining adventure about princes saving the prince for a difference :) Unusual, huh? 10/10
Free the prince

1. Cargo Bridge 2 Funny and addicting bridge construction and testing game. Yep, we do have games like this too :) 10/10
Cargo Bridge 2

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