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Friday, August 17, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 67

Flash game top 10 of the week #67 at e+Games

10. Eternal Blast Well made space shooter. I like the movement handling with mouse. 10/10
Eternal Blast

9. Gum Drop Hop 3 I couldn't just pass by this game with lots of overreacting creatures :) Overfilled with goodness and keygen music :D 10/10
Gum Drop Hop 3

8. Penguins Super Kart Interesting kart racing game with lots of items and stuff. It's just I don't understand what penguins have to it :) 10/10
Penguins Super Kart

7. Demologic 2 When I was a kid I dreamed to work on the demolition trucks just like in this game. Well those dreams didn't come true, but at least I have a chance to try it out :) 10/10
Demologic 2

6. Gears And Chains Spin It Another spin-chain-gear-stuff :) puzzle game. Rusty and addicting :) 10/10
Gears And Chains Spin It

5. Coal Runner I like wheel games but what I like most about this game is the music - it's awesome! 10/10
Coal Runner

4. Car Color Collector I like the gameplay and look of this game. But game mechanics could be worked out a bit better, because sometimes cars break the rules and ignore the arrows 0_o 10/10
Car Color Collector

3. Battle of Britain Heroic planes, heroic men, heroic moustaches, great heroic music :) What more can you ask for? :) 10/10
Battle of Britain

2. Ace Trucker Cool 3D truck parking game. Nice details and camera-switching feature. But it gets really tough from the 5th level. 10/10
Ace Trucker

1. 60 seconds Burger Run What can I say (?) it's just a 5 minutes break game. But a really good one! 10/10
60 seconds Burger Run

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