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Friday, August 10, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 66

Flash game top 10 of the week #66 at e+Games

10. Resurrection: Genesis Stylish skill game. But it's require some patience so be prepared :) 10/10
Resurrection: Genesis

9. Dead Zed This game could make it to the Top 3 if there were more maps. Really interesting to play, just needs more maps. 9/10
Dead Zed

8. Choo Choo Puzzles Oh this game calms me down so nicely :) I recommend it after playing Rage Quit :) 10/10
Choo Choo Puzzles

7. Wake up the Box 4 You probably already know this fun physics games series. So here's the 4th part :) 10/10
Wake up the Box 4

6. Stealth Hunter 2 As a huge Splinter Cell fan I played this game with passion :D And I like the interface design. 10/10
Stealth Hunter 2

5. Rage Quit This one is a real mind breaker. You can test somebody's mental stability with it :) 9.3/10
Rage Quit

4. Awesome Tanks Just for all that tank madness around :) 10/10
Awesome Tanks

3. HANGER 2: ENDLESS LEVELPACK I like the music here and overall look. This game might look simple, but it's really addicting! 10/10

2. ClickPLAY Quickfire 1 Actually 2 parts of one game sharing the 2nd place this week. You know it and played before this quick puzzles. This time they are a bit more complicated. So click on the link for first part and picture for second. Yeah, that easy :) 10/10
ClickPLAY Quickfire 2

1. The Paint Gunner I like this game because of the fun story and the idea taken from the Portal 2 with those gels. Cool :) 10/10
The Paint Gunner

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