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Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Top Week 75

Game top 10 of the week #75 at e+Games

10. Castanea Once again Mateusz Skutnik amazes us with a warm autumn game. 10/10

9. Netbots I don't even now how to describe this game correctly :) Some linking puzzle? :) I like the style and perfection in its creation. 10/10

8. Defend the Village 2 Feel the mightiness in your hands (mouse), because now you can toss enemies in order to defend your crappy village :D Oh, and never mind the stupid ad at the beginning ;) 9/10
Defend the Village 2

7. Binga 3 Another part in the great series of the colourful and entertaining tiny puzzle games. 10/10
Binga 3

6. SBACE Games with such a video-realistic effects are quite rare especially the ones that got some style. I don't know how, but it reminds me the early Daft Punk clips somehow :) 10/10

5. NetworKing You probably have a face like this 0_o too. Yeah, NASA makes games :) But those are scientific games, so if you want to help science people - play them! Or not. :) 10/10

4. Corporation Inc Very well made and interesting company management game! I don't know why, maybe it's just me, but the way those workers taping on the computers is simply hilarious :D 10/10
Corporation Inc

3. Trajectory 2 Very fun and addicting cannon/physics/trajectory game. And the music is cool too! 10/10
Trajectory 2

2. unFed unDead! What a rush and epic and speedy zombie skill #ios #mobile #game :) 10/10
unFed unDead!

1. Contre Jour Usualy you need to pay to play games like this :) But now you can enjoy this multi-award winning game for free! 10/10
Contre Jour


  1. This week on our game top Unity3D, HTML5/JS and iOS games in addition to Flash

  2. free android games- this also depends on how good your phone is, some of the lower end phones cant use them (mine isnt that great)