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Friday, October 19, 2012

Game Top Week 76

Game top 10 of the week #76 at e+Games

10. Future Buddy This physics game combine few classic genres. Though it might look silly from the beginning, it gets really interesting once you start playing. 10/10
Future Buddy

9. Tomb Looter Not much to say really :) Indiana Jones in 8bit :) 10/10
Tomb Looter

8. Attacher Well this is one of those existential "deep" games... all cliché and blurry ending. Still nice to play. 9/10

7. Jacko in Hell 2 I believe this game was made for Halloween or some sort of :) Well made anyway :) 9.5/10
Jacko in Hell 2

6. Ular Tangga Ular Tangga is a virtual board game adapted by traditional board game "Snakes & Ladders" made for android.
Ular Tangga

5. DayMare Town An extremely atmospheric game series from Mateusz Skutnik. If you like this one, try 2nd and 3rd parts. 10/10
DayMare Town

4. Crash Test Launcher That could be a cruel game if there was somebody else on that dummy's place :) Oh, and there's 3 mini games or should I say game modes :) Nice music by the way ;) 10/10
Crash Test Launcher

3. Submachine 1: the Basement Submachine is a straightforward and polished point-and-clicker that is accessible to almost anyone. This series still making the boom among dedicated fans :) 10/10
Submachine 1: the Basement

2. The Strangers 4 I like the passion and precision this game was made with. The ones who created it were certainly enjoying what they were doing. 10/10
The Strangers 4

1. 4 Differences I had to play lots of pretty bad find-a-difference games last weeks and got pretty bored with them. So when I spotted this one I thought it's another boring difference game. I was surprised of how wrong I was... This is extremely addicting and fun trilogy. So if you like the 1st part come try 5 Differences and 6 Differences (our 5000 game, by the way ;) 10/10
4 Differences

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