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Friday, October 26, 2012

Game Top Week 77

Game top 10 of the week #77 at e+Games

10. Planet Of Logic I'd call this "Planet of Matching" :) because obviously this is a matching game and a good one :) 9/10
Planet Of Logic

9. Muffin Match And this matching game is even better :D I like its style and those muffins are making me hungry so be careful or you can gain some extra weight :) 9/10
Muffin Match

8. Roll 2 Goal As you might already understood the goal is to roll :) Nice and different 3D levels in this $2 app-game. 9/10
Roll 2 Goal

7. Unlimited War Pardon me if I'll describe this game slightly incorrectly. So... this is some kind of fusion of Transformes, Robot destroyer and Contra :) But I just hate those transitions to site and glitches :( 9.5/10
Unlimited War

6. They Took Our Candy Cool 8-bit Halloween game. It's old-school kind, not much else to say really :) 9.5/10
They Took Our Candy

5. Pocket Creature PVP Get serious (or don't :) because this time you'll be against a random player who might had paid more attention to the game tutorials :D 10/10
Pocket Creature PVP

4. Reverie Yeah, black and white are always add the special mood to games like this. Try to escape this grey hell if you think you have enough patience. The music is nice by the way :) 10/10

3. Sift Heads - Assault 3 I can't decide what more do I like, the interface art or the game itself =) 9.5/10
Sift Heads - Assault 3

2. Tower Tank Destruction I really enjoy when some one is making the small but really awesome break in an old game genre. In this case - it's tower defence game made a bit differently :) 10/10
Tower Tank Destruction

1. Portal 2D We must save that sandwich!!!!!111111 Sorry... :) Nice 2D Portal fan game. Actually, Portal games are the lossless option for any developer. 10/10
Portal 2D

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