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Friday, December 7, 2012

Game Top Week 82

Game top 10 of the week #82 at e+Games

10. Heavy Loader 2 2nd part of an interesting cargo carrying game. This time it's radioactive materials =) 9/10
Heavy Loader 2

9. Short Circuit I like the Daft Punk - "Short Circuit" track and how it's synchronized with gameplay ^_^ 9/10
Short Circuit

8. DotVille deluxe Ascetic but interesting economic game. It's inspired by a few old economic games which are so old that no one remembers them :) 9/10
DotVille deluxe

7. Army of Ages Nice strategy defence game with cool evolving, monsters and epic music! 10/10
Army of Ages

6. Dead Paradise Fun carmageddon game. I just wish it was a bit more polished. 9/10
Dead Paradise

5. Slow & Blow Nice physics game with relaxing music and cool time-slowing feature :) 10/10
Slow & Blow

4. Tesla Defense Awesome defence game and epic music! Nikola Tesla would have been proud of this =) Or NOT :D 10/10
Tesla Defense

3. Earn to Die 2012 I enjoyed the first part but this one is even better :) New cars and maps. 10/10
Earn to Die 2012

2. Disk&World RPG Very well made RPG with nice graphics and cute creatures :) Even Death doesn't look scary :) 10/10
Disk&World RPG

1. Steampunk Odyssey Absolutely amazing game! So nice and interesting. Enjoyed it 'till the very end. 10/10
Steampunk Odyssey

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