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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top PC Games 2012 (my selection, updated)

 This Year I played not too much: only 7 games. The last game on DVD was Skyrim, the other games I've received through Steam, Origin and Battle.net finally! Let's gather info from my G+ posts, Google can search :)

6. Hard Reset Extended Edition - good game, strong cyberpunk setting and cinematic style but too long and the story doesn't keeping involved %) #gaming
5. Diablo 3 - campaign finished in 23 hours 18 min, was bored on a half or so, great art and mechanics as usual %) #gaming

4. Skyrim -  Game is strong and stylish, a bit too long as for me. I was a little bit confused when all quests done and the game isn't finished - what shall I do then? Community suggested me to explore but I've uninstalled :)

3. Mass Effect 3 - I've finished campaign of Mass Effect 3 in 17 hours, Mass Effect 2 took me 22 hours, game is perfect and I see now that I didn't and won't write a review %)

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - still great after years: rushy and involving :) #nowplaying

1. Syndicate - Nice too meet hardcore shooter game nowadays, bosses made me play hard, graphics solution and overall style are strong :) Thanks to my friend TeamA for a beautiful birthday gift! #game

0. [Updated] Empire Avenue - I've just forgotten and on zero place because It can hardly compared to the other games on the list. Anyway it's definitely and absolutely for sure the game of the year for me! :) #socialmedia #EmpireAve

In my queue to play MoH Warfighter, CoD Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3 and The Witcher 2 still :)

It was great Year for PC gaming and I think, guess and wish that the next one going to be even better, Happy Holidays :)

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  1. You should try Dishonored - best game of this year in my opinion. Very atmospheric and well made. In fact, I think it's the MOST atmospheric game I ever played , except the Portal and Half-Life, I guess... but they all designed by Viktor Antonov =)

  2. Thanks @newman, already added to my toplay list :)