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Friday, December 14, 2012

Game Top Week 83

Game top 10 of the week #83 at e+Games

10. Stonelegs Tricky tiny pixelart platformer. Surely made with passion :) 9/10

9. Double dimension Nice shift-dimensions game. Simple and ascetic but quite addicting. 10/10
Double dimension

8. Unbalanced Platformer You're die fast here :) But lots of upgrades should solve your problems :) 10/10
Unbalanced Platformer

7. SkullFace Well made and balanced :) platformer. You'll die here anyway, but that's not a problem because you're already dead :D 10/10

6. Flawed dimension Interesting and dark platformer with 2 players feature. I kinda missed it... 9.5/10
Flawed dimension

5. Nuts and Bolts Very fun to play puzzle game with robots in clouds :) It's about collecting the nuts and finding the right path :) 10/10
Nuts and Bolts

4. Snow Drift Cool (in every way :) game from Nitrome! The happy look on that Yeti's face is priceless ^_^ 10/10
Snow Drift

3. SUPERTANK This is a real must-play! Really enjoying this tank platformer with hand-drawn graphics. 10/10

2. Humbug 2 At first I thought "meh... just another old-school-like platformer..." but I was wrong. It's really fun with all that breaking the classic platformer rules stuff :D 9.5/10
Humbug 2

1. Air hockey tournament Wow, when I finished playing this game I realized I wasted about an hour on it... So be careful, it's quite addicting if you like air hockey. And the AI won't let you relax. 10/10
Air hockey tournament

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