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Monday, August 12, 2013

Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (e)7А (12th of August 2013)

I've planned to write a post in a week but I was completely out of time and haven't bought back supporters, so written and #nowbuying :)

First of all thanks to (e)michaelqtodd for the idea, based on #socialmedia activity not on finance Yeild/AWS and so on %)

A lot of great people made a lot of supporting actions for us over #socialmedia during the week, so saying thanks for completed missions to:


Tanya is on vacations and I'm alone to make all the #socialmedia work here, so (e)EPLUSGAMES next post going to be in 3 weeks and (e)7A next post in a week or two.

Have an amazing week ahead of You friends :)

PS. Share please ;)


  1. You have a lot to offer and great talent.

  2. Thanks a lot for such a high appreciation :)

  3. I love this concept, you work is appreciate very much. I have absolutely no idea how you come up with all of this mathematically but I certainly enjoy reading it. Thanks for your support to Semen, as I recognize that you are a consistent supporter as well. Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks a lot, pleased that You like it, no math at all it's activity based: people on the list are those who make missions and leave comments :)

  5. Awesome thank you!

  6. Great Afford ! Really enjoy it !! Thank you so much !!

  7. Thanks for the compliments and appreciation Frish!

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