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Saturday, August 17, 2013

PC #gaming impressions of the week #1

I'm going to try write more and more recent on larger PC games I play. It's mostly shooter - FPS, You know ;) Expanding this article PC #gaming at home: impressions, games, tech, stats, benchmarks and adding new ones like this.

1. I've finished Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Download] today at night - it's amazing in ULTRA, lloks like 60 or 120 FPS, haven't find way to measure, smooth run makes gameplay completely different, headshots are quite easy on 1920x1080 on 27 inches :) Played in 2D, I didn't manag to make TriDef work %)

2. Downloaded 20+ GB of Battlefield in 2+ hours on my 20 Mbps of Battlefield 3 [Download] from Origin and let's guess, Yes: It also crashes in 3D with TriDef. Hope I find the solution without buying new glasses from Nvidia. Anybody any ideas? Crysis 3 [Download] the only game that works in 3D properly so far %)

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [Online Game Code] 120 FPS maxout I've already mentioned :) Engine is old, graphics is no so good and gameplay types and ideas are perfect. Defence mission in 2025 with drones, robots, turrets, tactical map and so on is amazing and the next rushy in 1986 rage and shortgun is geat too :) #nowplaying

Hope You like it, welcome to discus :)
Work less, play more, have an amazing weekend see You soon :) #gaming

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