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Monday, August 5, 2013

PC #gaming at home: impressions, games, tech, stats, benchmarks

I've started to gather info on my new #gaming PC, games, tech questions, stats, benchmarcks and realized that It's going to be long. Already posted piece of info and decided to make larger post.

1. A review based that I've decided to by this GTX 770 by Hercules iChill Edition not yet avail at Amazon so 680 on the pic instead

2.1 Guru 3D GTX 770 iChill is a bit faster then Inno3D iChiLL GTX 680 HerculeZ 3000 - Grafikkarten - GF GTX 680 - 2 FPS at Crysis 3 [Download] ULTRA 1920x1200
2.2 Metro LL Benchmark at GeForrce GTX 770 already posted in blog
2.3 Win 8 benchmark 7.1/9.9, CPU i5 661 is a bottle neck now, going to add screenshot later on
2.4 I scored 3440 in Fire Strike Extreme Better than 38% of all results, it was 41 % two weeks ago
2.5 To be continued...

3. Games 
3.1. Crysis 3 [Download] - all clear, 3D works itself, ULTRA in HD 3D is smooth and fast
3.2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [Online Game Code] - need no hardware like this, maxed out 60/120 FPS
3.3. Metro Last Light [Online Game Code] - wants faster hardware 28 FPS average on LL benchmark, in game is faster it's most complex scene as far as I know
3.4. Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Download] - in 2D works properly without crashes that was previously on Radeon 5750 but in 3D with TriDef 3D crashes instead %)

4. Tech
4.1  Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Download] - in 3D with TriDef 3D every time, previously on Radeon worked for a while before crash %:)

5. Impressions
5.1. I'm happy I've got the system like this, I was going to it for 16 years
5.2. And I have a log way to go still at least 62% of systems in the world for example High End Gaming PC
  • Intel Core i7-4770K
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan
5.3. Frostbyte 2 in Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Download] on ULTRA 2D utilizes more resources then CryEngine 3 in Crysis 3 [Download] on ULTRA 3D based on coolers noise level %)

To be continued, I'm permanently out of time to play, test and write


  1. Mate can u suggest me a good graphics card in economical price tag, which support my current core i5, 1155LGA chipset

  2. I guess GTX 650 Ti Boost $174 or HD 7750 $95, those cards are optimal by performance/$, info is taken from here http://www.ixbt.com/video3/i0713-video.shtml#ratings it's reliable source, only in Russian as far as I know, I read it since 1996. It must work with Your current CPU/Mainboard.

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  5. The idea is very ideal for the game addict and I also think myself an addict of all types of games especially warfighter and Fortnite Game. I think the collecting new #gaming PC, games, tech questions, stats, benchmarcks everything will add a new dimension in your game enjoyment and we also will be able to take some advantages from your regular post. But my pc is getting slow and sometimes getting sudden shut down. Is it for the weakness of AGP card? Thanks.