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Friday, August 30, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 119

#Game top 10 of the week #119 at e+Games

It was more then ten good games to select from this week again, thanks for uploading more and better #games.

One #games is older, I've missed them somehow from the same series and it's absolutely brilliant. Four #games are user uploaded and one #game is #unity3d once again this week on the first place :)

10. Turkish Puzzle - #Hard #skill #game, even 4th level is challenging & I didn't know it's Turkish :) Thanks to twitter I know it's a popular character %) 9/10
Turkish Puzzle

9. Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D. - Gamesfree.ca and Pyrozen know how to make #shooter #games properly :) 9/10
Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D.

8. Monkey GO Happy Guess? - Funny character design and animation as always :) #puzzle #game 9/10
Monkey GO Happy Guess?

7. Need Water - Nice to meet new #puzzle #gameplay :) 8/10
Need Water

6. Yepi's Journey - I like #launcher #games, prety nice one :) 9/10
Yepi's Journey

5. Knight Runner - Speedy, bright and addicting, don't even try it: runaway + platformer :) #game 9/10
Knight Runner

4. Transmorpher 2 - Bright graphics, interesting idea of #gameplay :) #platform #puzzle 9/10
Transmorpher 2

3. Click Defense - Cute illustration style, nice character design and addicting defense gameplay :) 9/10
Click Defense

2. King of Greece - This working week starts a bit delayed and let it start from really amazing #game :) 10/10
King of Greece

1. Cube Boy Run - null 10/10
Cube Boy Run

Have an amazing weekend my friends, work less, play more :) #games

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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