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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[book] Scratch 2.0 Game Development Hotshot #review

Scratch 2.0 Game Development Hotshot [eBook] - completely unexpected #book, unexpected content, unexpected way to appear. Marketing Research Executive from Packt Publishing shared the #book in out Games Gaming Gamedev community @ G+ and suggested to review.
First of all the book properly transferred to my Kindle by email :)

I've started to read and just realized that it's proper approach to teach beginners game development. It's all about Scratch version 2.0 that is a constructor, project management tool, #socialmedia community platform and for sure learning environment. I wish I was teached the way like this when I was a student. I guess I would release a game like Quake already :)

The book contains several game project to jump start #gamedev.
  1. First is the making of classic artillery game that gave a birth to City Siege and Angry Birds - simple, fast and clear. Complicated physics part is not highlighted and I guess it's good.
  2. The second is about tower defence games that were trending several years ago. This gameplay is not too easy to implement and gives strong vision of game ballance. The most complicated AI/path find part isn't highlighted too and it's good once again not to scare beginners.
  3. Third one is top view racing it's muliplayer and I've stopped looking through there, the weekend was over. Going to be back with the rest of the chapters review soon...
I've registered @ scratch.mit.edu to review the technology, the most interesting was the tech the project based on and it's HTML5/JS, You can't export files and You can use iframe to share. Pretty nice, up to date and fashionable :)

Just wanted to add that the language of the book seamed to me not too academically boring, hope it's modern enoghf for students :)

Recommended for beginners to jump start and for experienced game developers to be up to date 9/10

Get @ Packtpub: Scratch 2.0 Game Development Hotshot [eBook]

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