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Friday, March 28, 2014

[socialmedia] Lviv Social Media Camp 2014 #review

I've attended Lviv Social Media Camp 2014 last Saturday. A lot of work and no time at all so review only today nearly a week later.
I was late for the first lecture so no photo and no impressions.
The second one was about network investigation/intelligence: lead generation and monitoring, one of the cases was trending and pretty nice: a link to speakers site.

The 3rd section was about high load monitoring/responding custom tool: intentions to buy and 1,5 Million of posts a month for Samsung #tech.
4th section is from Google certified partners, how to use Google Analytics for sales properly, experienced, fast and condensed. WebPromoExperts educational resource, not for free and in Ukrainian only %) From the other side it was a discount giveaway for conference attendees. Nice and professional, going to try with the upcoming project launch :)
5th analytics again, no too detailed, two resources described, new for me SocialBakers and JagaJam both not free again and might be useful.
The sixth was the most controversial, not fashionable practices and good results 10-30 sales a day, using paid promotion in #socialmedia groups/communities. Also several practical pragmatic approaches to find proper audience.  The new for me fact that VKontakte has Functionality Facebook hasn't an auction for placing advertising posts in communities.
The 7th: a lot of strong cases for larger businesses with hard to promote topics: insurance, banking, toilet paper %)
The 8th and cases once again: employee with banner offline in Antarctic is really cool and viral, also #socialmedia policy document for brand is one of best practices.
The 9th is emotional and completely proper about their green community. The worst part that the was no link to community shown %) Here it is :)
The 10th session was about #socialmedia tools, 3 of 20 are new for me and 1 is in queue to try.

Thanks to speakers, organisers and attendees. It was nice and looks like #socialmedia is going mainstream and pro %)

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