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Friday, April 25, 2014

[unity] Project Naughty Who?: #GameDev Mixer - April

Let's make presentation in an experimental format directly in blog. Demo video and and demo build going to be added after the session, speech itself and answers to questions are of value to attend ;)

See You today 2014-04025 16:30 EET @ #GameDev Mixer - April @ Communa :)

Follow me about.me/real7a and keep in touch ;)
  1. HTML5 games/portals m.eplusgames.net & m2.eplusgames.net
  2. Unity #GameDev first impressions and further articles
  3. Project Naughty Who?: FPS is for First Person Slasher. We are working on cooking portal so food theme is natural ;)
  • Platforms: mobile Windows Phone, Android, iOS using accelerometer and browser
  • Casual and addicting 3D FPS :)
  • Kids and fun
  • Game screens

What do You think? #music #preview #soundtrack #gamedev

Any ideas to improve/extend and properly launch/promote/publish?

Thanks :)

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