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Friday, January 4, 2013

Game Top Week 86

Game top 10 of the week #86 at e+Games

10. FruitJong 2 Mahjong Classic puzzle game but with nice polished graphics. Not being a mahjong fan still got me caught for 10 minutes or so... 10/10
FruitJong 2 Mahjong

9. Dragon Fist 3D Got tired of all those never ending fighting games. But this one is quite fun or is it just the 3D?.. 9/10
Dragon Fist 3D

8. Click defense: green danger Fun defence pew-pew shooter. Serious stuff in other words... :) 10/10
Click defense: green danger

7. Hired Heroes On opposite to "Click defense: green danger" this tactical game has a "not serious fantasy story" as clearly stated in the description :) 10/10
Hired Heroes

6. dirt and torque If 7a says this is a complex platform racing game, then it is. No doubts :) 10/10
dirt and torque

5. Sift Renegade 3 Another fun game from Sift Heads world. Well made once again. 9/10
Sift Renegade 3

4. Kawairun 2 Quick multiplayer runner :) Requires some skills. 10/10
Kawairun 2

3. Catopult Lots of launching puzzle games to play, but this one is really interesting. And sounds are fit well :) 10/10

2. Portal Quest I always said the Portal-style games are a win by default. And this one is not an exception. 10/10
Portal Quest

1. Monster Bark What an awesome game! Cool polished graphics and very nice music. Wow, I'm stunned! Best game I've played this year :D 10/10
Monster Bark

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