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Friday, January 18, 2013

Game Top Week 88

Game top 10 of the week #88 at e+Games

10. Jimmy Bubblegum Nice avoiding shooter game. Quite fun to play. 8/10
Jimmy Bubblegum

9. Sleepy Germs Fun and kinda silly game with all this sleepy germs hustle :) 9/10
Sleepy Germs

8. Rock n Roll I remember the game like this called "Escape the Sun" :) This one is fun too :) 9/10
Rock n Roll

7. Picking Up Chicks Is Hard When Your Car is a BMX Very nice retro bicycle rider :) And the game's name is 100% true :D 9/10
Picking Up Chicks Is Hard When Your Car is a BMX

6. 3 Slices Fun and addicting minimalistic physics puzzle game. Nice! 9/10
3 Slices

5. Hole Once again you might think that it is impossible to add something new to Tetris. And you'll be wrong, my friend, wrong just as I was :) 10/10

4. In Another Brothel Don't know why the game is called like that, but it's awesome platformer! :) If you like it, come check the In Another Chateau and save some mademoiselles :D 10/10
In Another Brothel

3. Ouka Very stylish, interesting and kinda unusual puzzle game. Truly enjoyable. 10/10

2. Pixelhate One word: EPIC! I hardly stopped playing! Those voices and sounds are so cool! 10/10

1. Symon This game is so mesmerizing, just like the "Every day the same dream". Graphics and music are beyond words like "perfect". 10/10

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