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Friday, January 11, 2013

Game Top Week 87

Game top 10 of the week #87 at e+Games

10. CuCuBau Unexpected controls, taken me a minute to find out how to play :D 8/10

9. Portal Stacker "Awkward Tetris" is all I have to say about this game :) 8/10
Portal Stacker

8. Winter Slider Those match three games are addicting in any setting :) 9/10
Winter Slider

7. Classic Color Infection Quite hard and ascetic puzzle game :) 8.5/10
Classic Color Infection

6. Homeland War Nice turn-based RPG. Getting easier with more characters on the field. 9/10
Homeland War

5. Killer Escape Scary puzzle + high level of visual production = fun to play. 9/10
Killer Escape

4. Drop! Well made avoiding game with cool graphics. 9/10

3. Ministory Nice tiny flying shooter game! I like the art. 9/10

2. Bullet Bill 3 Very well made pacer. Not so hard and really enjoyable! 10/10
Bullet Bill 3

1. Traffic Mania Awesome traffic-management game! Got me for hours *_* 10/10
Traffic Mania

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