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Monday, July 22, 2013

Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (e)7a (22th of July 2013)

First of all thanks to (e)michaelqtodd for the idea, based on #socialmedia activity not on finance Yeild/AWS and so on %)

So I've teached Tanya as promised: a list of (e)7A top supporters of the week.

A lot of great people made a lot of supporting actions for us over #socialmedia so saying thanks for completed missions to:

 Have an amazing week ahead of You friends :)

PS. Share please ;)


  1. Thanks for Your appreciation, Ronald :)

  2. Thanks for listing me (e)PAGINATION. Shared on G+

  3. Bought everybody from the list, grab some eaves and support others http://www.empireavenue.com/missions/view?id=19142600, have an amazing day :-) PS. If I've missed anybody, please remind me ;)

  4. Thanks Aureate, nice to meet You here :)